Continue investigations for alleged sexual abuse against kindergartner.

By on 7 February, 2014


The investigation against an employee of the Moye Elementary School , located towards the northeast of El Paso, for an alleged sexual assault against a minor, has shocked the parents.

In incident came to light after authorities in that campus – located at number 4825 – Alps ride circulated a letter Tuesday to explain what happened .

‘ It’s sad that something as ugly as this happens within a school . The children most of the day is spent with teachers from eight as before three in the afternoon. And have all the confidence in them , “said Martha Padilla.

The woman, who was on Thursday to find his nephews to that campus , belonging to ISD El Paso ( EPISD ) , saw good address Moye IS warn parents and guardians about the police investigation being undertaken .

‘ The truth above all , however difficult it may be. I like the transparency they have had, whatever it is , because if a person (the alleged implied) mocked trust, the school should not do it, ” said Padilla.

The woman asked to get back to ‘ know what really happened and what action was taken . ” And thought : ‘ I hope it’s a misunderstanding . ”

With the latter coincided feel a mother , who identified herself as Margarita Rosabal , ‘ to protect the identity of my baby , “he said .

‘ My daughter tells me that a man went to the bathroom , girls ‘ , he said, ‘ but the man did not do anything . Everything was a shock . ”

‘ That happened several days ago. The girl is very scared. That ‘s what worries me at the moment and that is fully investigated what happens. You know how are crooks everywhere ‘ he insisted.

The Police Department ( EPPD ) confirmed Wednesday that Unit Crimes Against Minors sent a letter to parents informing their intention to interview students regarding the allegations.

However, none of the spokespersons EPPD statements offered yesterday to requests made by this means.

The paseña Elena Rodríguez was very energetic on Thursday when interviewed in the vicinity of the Moye IS

‘ I have lost confidence in the teachers. I wish it was only women who educate our children , “he said indignantly.

Rodriguez was asked to publicize the identity of employee Moye IS allegedly involved in the case and that ” I give counseling to those in need ‘ .

‘ The crime under investigation may have occurred at our school during school hours , “he said in a letter Moye IS director , Sandy Portillo Sánchez .

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